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Rose Videos

What to look for when buying roses
We looked on YouTube for videos related to roses. Here are our favorites, ranging from funny, to touching, to cool, to downright bizarre. If you find a great rose-related video, e-mail us at video @

1. "The Rose" A montage of images set to Bette Midler's "The Rose".

2. "Drawing Roses Step by Step" Step by step instructions on how to draw a rose.

3. "My Cat Ate My Valentine's Rose!" This one fits into the category of "bizarre".

4. "Flowers from my Mother's Garden" Touching montage of the last photos taken of a mother's rose garden.

5. "Let Flowers Do the Talking" Funny commercial from a Czech flower shop.

6. "Rose Time Lapse" Cute animation of petals joining together to become roses.

7. "How to Make a Ribbon Rose" YouTube "Guru" from Hong Kong demonstrates how to make a rose out of ribbon.

8. "How to Make a Rose Out of a Ferrero Rocher Wrapper" Not to be outdone, here's a video on how to create a rose out of a Ferrero Rocher chocolate candy wrapper.

9. "Rose Time Lapse" Watch a rose bloom in six seconds flat.

10. "Ashburne Rose Garden" As promised--pictures from a Manchester, U.K. rose garden*.